AVONUAE – On the occasion of International Women’s Day and ‘Datamatix’ with great privilege presents the ‘20th Global Women Leaders Conference’, from March 7th to 8th, 2017, at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai, held under the auspices of global governments, official institutions, universities, fortune companies and women leaders.

Owing to the support AVON extends towards Women Empowerment and rightly calls itself ‘the company for women’, The 17th Middle East Women Leaders Excellence Awards will be held in conjunction with the conference that recognizes the achievements of women as leaders and innovators with the participation of dignitaries and the media.

The event aims at building strong relationships amongst the global communities, where the west-east and north-south purposively meets and sets the stage for strengthening the future human capital and fortifying the knowledge development strategy.

The event will witness the coming together of topnotch women, leaders, professionals and women entrepreneurs to set trends, exercise influence, create and devise innovative strategies that will make a difference to women’s involvement in the current competitive global markets. Since more doors open for women leaders, it is the time for successful women from around the world to empower them and, in so doing, enhance economic ties and help to bridge the political and cultural divide between nations.

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