• Gulf Mechanical Engineers & Suppliers

    Established in 1969, Gulf Mechanical Engineers & Suppliers (GMES) which is a branch of Al Hathboor Group of companies is the leading supplier of products and services to oil field, general industries and ship stores. We specialise in maintenance-related products and activities. Our conveniently located showrooms at Dubai & Abu Dhabi offer the full range of products and services.


    Technical: Our trained personnel are always available to offer assistance for conducting application studies, offer technical recommendations and conduct failure analysis, all of which definitely make the job simpler for the maintenance engineers.

    Stocks: Our warehouses are located at Rashidiya in Dubai and Musaffah in Abu Dhabi. Besides, we also maintain stocks at the showrooms for quick deliveries. Stocks are regularly replenished with sophisticated inventory management systems.

    Seminars & Training: GMES regularly organises seminars and training sessions which benefit the customers in implementing the best engineering practices in their respective fields, improving safety and saving costs.

    Some of the regularly conducted and widely acclaimed seminars are on:

    – Adhesive technology – LOCTITE
    – Fundamentals of Bearing Technology -SKF
    – Fundamentals of Machine condition Monitoring- SKF
    – Bearing Maintenance and Service -SKF
    – Improving safety in the lifting industry – CROSBY
      (Tailor-made seminars on many other topics are possible, if a minimum number of participants are available, at customer’s premises).
      For more information please contact our Sales & Marketing Department.

    Deliveries – We offer free delivery anywhere in the U.A.E., for reasonable sizes of orders. Our fleet of delivery vans and trucks ensures prompt delivery, generally within 24 hours. Emergency deliveries are possible. Please contact our sales department.

    Payment – All transactions are dealt on cash against delivery basis, unless credit lines are formally approved by the company.


    GMES handles a vast range of products for a variety of applications and some of them are given below :

    WD 40 was developed in the course of space research, to combine the functions of many conventional products. It  outperforms conventional light lubricants, penetrating oils, rust preventives, moisture repellents, metal cleaners, silicone sprays and many more.

    WD-40 ‘The Problem Solver’ has many uses – around the house, vehicles, workshops, industries, aircraft and space research – which is endorsed by millions of satisfied customers all over the world. Available in 100, 200 & 330-ml aerosols and 5 liter bulk packing.


    SKF is the world leader in the rolling bearing industry. In addition to bearings, SKF manufactures seals, maintenance tools, lubricants, housing and condition monitoring equipment and at the same time provides training as well as a range of engineering services.More than 1200 sizes/types of bearings are available in our stock. GMES is on SKF e Business Portal ‘’ and can check and supply Critical SKF products with in Reasonable time.
    GMES in association with SKF contribute to Optimising Plant Asset Efficiency and maintenance through Mechanical services, Preventive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring and System for Decision support of Maintenance work


    HENKEL KGaA  became the largest producer of adhesives in the world. GMES are their exclusive distributors for LOCTITE range of products after the take-over of LOCTITE Corporation in 1997. The Loctite range of specialty, high-technology products is probably the most useful tool a production engineer can have to combat downtime. In the fight to prevent lost production, delays and upset schedules, these advanced adhesives, sealants, lubricants and cleaners can provide the ‘spares’ needed to make immediate repairs. Advancing the art of proactive maintenance, Loctite products will help provide the solution to prevent predictable and unpredictable failures.

    With the Loctite range you can securely lock any threaded fastener or fitting against vibration and shock loads; retain bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts – even if they are worn. You can also instantly replace gaskets; permanently join dissimilar materials rapidly without mechanical aid; clean and lubricate.


    CROSBY range covers blocks and fittings for wire ropes and chains, which meet the needs and high quality standards of the lifting industry. You may note the product information, caution and warnings and product traceability at the Crosby website. When buying Crosby, you buy more than just a product – you buy quality. This phrase is more than a slogan. It is Crosby’s mission. Every service that Crosby offers, in addition to providing products of Uncompromising Quality, is performed with the integrity and sincerity you have come to expect from The Crosby Group.


    GO-JO Industries’ record of innovation in skincare and cleaning systems is second to none. They were the first to develop creme type water-less hand cleaner as far back as 1946. GOJO combine progressive product formulations, carefully engineered dispensing technology and scientifically based education and training programs that encourage healthy skin care behavior. The resulting skin care programs are the most extensive and comprehensive in the industry



    The following products are available from stock:

    – 1115 & 1109- GO-JO Original Formula – 4.5 lbs. 18 oz
    – 1204 – Dispenser for 1115
    _ 0955 GO-JO Orange with Pumice 3.78 L


    BISON range is developed on the philosophy of trust and confidence. They believe that when you are building, repairing, fastening or decorating, you do not want to take risks. People don’t buy adhesives, they buy confidence.
    GMES distributes the most reliable Bison Kit Contact Adhesives all over UAE. We also market innovative construction adhesives ‘Montage Kit’ which can be used to bond almost any surface. GMES has now introduced Bison Foam and  also Polymax  in the UAE market.


    ABCO (American Block Manufacturing Company) produces a full range of Drilling Flow Line products like Hammer Unions, Circulating Hoses, Swivel Joints, Integral Fittings and Integral Pup Joints. These products are manufactured using modern techniques to obtain highest quality standards required by the industry. GMES distributes most of these ranges from stock and non-stock items can be ordered with short delivery.



    P.O.Box 2605 Dubai U.A.E.

    Head Office                                                                                                                 Mr. K M Shetty
    Tel. +971 4 6085555, 2821124                                                                       Sr. General Manager
    Fax. +971 4 2821922                                                                                           Tel. +971 4 6085555


    Warehouse & Sales – Rashidiya                                                                     Mr. Deepak Bhatkal
    Tel. 971 4 2859517                                                                                                Senior Division Manager
    Fax. 971 4 2859184                                                                                               Tel. +971 50 6514118


    City Showroom – Deira                                                                                        Mr. Mohammed Akbar
    Tel. +971 4 2231516                                                                                               Showroom Manager
    Fax. +971 4 2223846                                                                                             Tel. +971 56 5032439


    Abu Dhabi
    Showroom & Warehouse – Mussafah
    P.O.Box 3546, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Showroom & Warehouse  Icad, Behind Delma Mall                          Mr. Matthews Ninan
    Tel. 971 2 5544642                                                                                                 Sales Manager
    Fax. 971 2 5544643                                                                                                Tel. +971 56 5034695


  • Al Hathboor Electricals


    Al Hathboor Electricals [AHE] is one of the oldest and prominent divisions of Al Hathboor Group. Since its inception in 1979, AHE has successfully served the Construction and the Industrial sectors of the UAE. With over three decades of active presence in the market, AHE is considered among the most reliable sources for supplies of high quality electrical installation products in the region.

    AHE’s key strengths are its several reputed brand names, a highly qualified and competent work force and an elaborate distribution network. Together, these have helped AHE to stay ahead and live up to the challenges of an extremely vibrant and demanding market.

    Testimony to the confidence placed in the strength of its products and services is the presence of a wide range of AHE’s product lines used in almost all the landmark projects completed and ongoing in the region today.



    LEGRAND is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures offering a rich choice of innovative designs and ergonomic options of low voltage installation products, especially electrical Wiring Accessories, Cable Management and also Earthing & lightning systems in the GCC

    ABB control is the market leader in switching technology which includes an array of Safety switches, Local Isolators, Motor Control Switches, Maintenance switches, Emergency switches, Main switches & Combination switches

    KOPEX is a solution that allows you to single source all your electrical flexible conduit needs with a choice of metallic and non-metallic conduits plus complimentary connectors, whatever your business may be

    BARTON is recognized as the market leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art Heavy Gauge Welded Steel Conduits, including a broad variety of accessories

    BICC Cable Glands are available to suit a wide range of applications that adhere to the manufacturing code as detailed under BS 6121:2005, EN 62444:2013, and offer a wide selection of approvals on request

    3M electrical products division is the leader in providing practical and comprehensive solutions for the electrical industry ranging from insulating tapes to termination kits and heat detection devices

    SYSKA LED lights are a smart innovation in the future of lighting providing advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability that puts them light years ahead

    BAND-IT is the world leader in the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel bands, buckles and clamping systems

    Power Centre Gulf – Switchgear offers a wide range of high-quality LV switchgear products which are manufactured in the U.A.E. LV Switchgear Panels are designed and manufactured in accordance with Local and international standards such as BS EN 60439-1 & BS 5486 part-1 amended to date

    ERICO has diversified product range and has developed well-known products for applications that include: Electrical Protection Solutions, featuring Erico’s proprietary Six Point Plan approach for lightning, grounding, bonding and surge connection ERITECH ground rods and CRITEC surge protection devices

    HAVELLS manufactures world class, state of the art products, with innovation as their foundation, constantly adapting themselves to ever-changing needs of today’s customers, from wall fans to exhaust or personal fans

    EPC is well known for producing and marketing uninterrupted power supplies, rectifiers, static transfer switch, voltage regulator (static servo), full maintenance nickel batteries, telecom power supply, sun panels, active and passive filters, sudden voltage suppression units

    HAWKE International has a global reputation for the design, development and quality manufacture of cable glands, electrical enclosure and transit systems

    ATX manufactures a wide range of products for hazardous areas including light fittings, warning/emergency/floodlight fittings for tank inspections, switches/sockets and distribution panels

    CATU includes all ranges of short-circuiting and earthing systems and equipment for personal protection against electrical hazards since 1936

    PARTEX are experts in markers and having the perfect solution for all needs offering a wide range of products for the identification of many different components, including wires, pipes, hoses and much more.



    Head Office – Dubai
    P.O.Box 6069
    Tel. +971 4 6085440 | Fax. +971 4 2821922


    Airport Road Showroom                                                                                   Deira Showroom
    Dubai – UAE                                                                                                               Dubai – UAE
    Tel. +971 4 6085516                                                                                             Tel. +971 4 2231793 / 4
    Fax. +971 4 2821922                                                                                            Fax. +971 4 2238016

    Abu Dhabi Office                                                                                                    Sharjah Showroom
    P.O.Box 3546                                                                                                              P.O.Box 31714
    Tel.+971 2 5544642                                                                                            Tel. +971 6 5638156
    Fax.+971 2 5544643                                                                                           Fax. +971 4 5638176


    Mr. Asadullah Baig
    Dy. General Manager
    Tel. +971 4 6085511

    Mr. Shakeel Ahmed
    Sales Manager
    Tel. +971 4 6085508



  • Al Hathboor International

    Al Hathboor International (AHI), a part of Al Hathboor Group LLC, is a professional Marketing and Distribution/Logistic company for FMCGs that provides modern distribution network services to power retailers and end-users.

    Target Market

    We distribute products through Wholesalers, Retailers, Perfumery Shops, Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Pharmacies, Saloons, Groceries and DIY & Car Care products thorough Garages, Service Stations, Spare Parts Stores, Car Maintenance Dealers and many more stores across the U.A.E. with its top line products imported from various parts of the world. We distribute these products to more than  2000 outlets throughout UAE. Apart from this, we have a division of Re-export & Wholesale activities.


    AHI is supported by a professional marketing team with facilities of Modern Distribution Network, Merchandising Services, Stock Control System, Product movement monitoring system etc. AHI has a well-stocked warehouse in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi and Al-Ain that facilitates prompt delivery and quick services.




     – Nataraj Click Here to Download Catalogue
     – Rapesco Click Here to Download Catalogue
     – Alteco Click Here to Download Catalogue
     – Sakura Click Here to Download Catalogue
     – Stanger Click Here to Download Catalogue
     – Verco
     – Dogus


    – Daler-Rowney Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Derwent Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Canson Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Colart Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Sinoart Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Kores Click Here to Download Catalogue


    – Armor All Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Master Lock Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Bison Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Gs 27 Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Rolson Click Here to Download Catalogue


    – Look’n Gel Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Colour Me Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Piave Click Here to Download Catalogue
    – Omega Shaving Brush Click Here to Download Catalogue




    Mr. Naresh Bhatia

    Dy. General Manager

    Tel. +971 4 6085555


    Tel. +971 4 6085543

    Ms. Krishanaveni Ravinder


    Tel. +971 4 6085566


    Al Hathboor International Warehouse

    DIP-2, Behind Gulf News

    Dubai, UAE.

    location map:

    location ahi

    Tel: +971 4 8820240

    Mr. Vijay Kumar

    Warehouse In-charge

    Mob. +971501286919


    Mr. Ayub Kuniyil

    Key Account Manager – Cosmetics / Car Care

    Mob: +971 50 3447916, Tel. +971 2 6725164

    Mr. Mohamed Sherief 

    Sales Supervisor – Abu Dhabi

    Mob. +971 50 3447921

    Sales Office

    Mr. Azhar Lambe

    Sales & Marketing Manager

    Mob: +971 56 545 3049


    Shaikh Rashid Building,

    Za’abeel Road, Karama

    Mr. Umesh Sharma                                                                                          Mr. B B Tiwari

    Showroom In-charge                                                                                     Art Sales Coordinator

    Mob. +971 50 9537191, Tel. +971 4 3373364                            Mob. +971 50 5030676


    Mr. Shabbir Taherali                                                                                      Mr. Ahamadal Kabeer 

    Key Accounts Manager                                                                                Business Development Manager

    Mob. +971 50 6529511                                                                              Mob. +971 50 5030696


    Mr. Moolakadath Moosa                                                                           Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim

    Key Accounts Manager – Car Care                                                     Key Accounts Manager – Stationery

    Mob. +971  50 6782441                                                                           Mob. +971 50 3447912

    Mr. Naresh Kumar

    Key Accounts Manager – Cosmetics

    Mob. +971 50 5883620


  • AVON Perfumes & Beauty Products Trdg.

    Al Hathboor Group is associated with AVON since 1983. The success of partnership is the result of dedicated and sincere work. AVON’s unique concept of direct selling has been mastered by Al Hathboor Group over the years of association and today AVON is spread throughout the U.A.E.

    AVON products can only be purchased through an AVON Member and is not made available through any retail counters. The direct selling practice allows customers to purchase their Avon products in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and premises. Incidentally, Al Hathboor Group has been instrumental in the creation of numerous women entrepreneurs in U.A.E. by making them members of AVON and empowering them adequately to lead better lives.


    The story of AVON began in New York in 1886 with a door-to-door book salesman named David H.McConnell, who often gave his female customers a Perfume as a gift with their purchases. He soon discovered that the love of Perfume was greater than the books he sold and a new business idea was born!

    AVON is world-renowned for its Research & Development capabilities and widely respected as a leader in the Beauty Industry. AVON scientists create and evaluate nearly 1,000 products every year, and their innovative efforts have resulted in numerous technological breakthroughs. AVON has numerous innovatory credits to its list and holds a large list of patent ownership.

    AVON’s product portfolio covers:

    – Fragrances
    – Hair Care
    – Foot Care
    – Skin Care products
    – Make Up & Colour Cosmetics
    – Personal Care
    – Fashion Accessories


    Start your own business backed by one of the largest, most successful cosmetic brands in the world and discover the benefits of being an AVON member today.

    As an AVON member you can:

    – Have a pleasant and friendly way of earning money.
    – Work the hours to suit your life style.
    – Meet people and make new friends.
    – Learn more about make up and skin care.
    – Receive training and development to build your business.
    – Buy quality products for yourself and gifts at discounted prices.

    It is simple to begin. Just dial any of our offices, and see the opportunities unfold.






    Airport Road, Al Garhoud,
    P O Box 6785, DUBAI
    Tel. +971 4 2822832
    Toll-Free: 800(AVON)2866

    CLICK HERE for Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

    Key Contacts:

    Mr. Naresh Bhatia
    Dy. General Manager
    Tel. +971 4 608 5543

    Ms. Rummana Siddiqi
    Sr. Operations Manager
    Mobile. +971 50 7246112
    Tel. +971 4 2822832

    Mr. Sajeev Menon
    Operations Manager
    Mobile. +971 50 4238786
    Tel. +971 4 2822832

    Ms. Namita Shrivastava
    Marketing Manager
    Mobile. +971 50 3375450
    Tel. +971 4 2822832

    Ms. Ipshita Kaushik

    Regional Manager
    Mobile: +971 56 4141922
    Tel. +971 4 2822832

    Abu Dhabi:
    Mr. Musthak Parambaath

    Sales Coordinator
    Mobile: +971 50 6710156
    Tel. +971 2 6441779

    Ms. Gigy Sargee

    Regional Manager
    Mobile: +971 56 418 2935
    Tel. +971 6 5738585
    Fax. +971 6 5739481


  • Emirates Mechanical & Electrical Engg Supp.

    Emirates Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Supplies Co. WLL (EMEESCO), an ISO 9001:2008 certified associate company of Al Hathboor Group, is one of the leading distributors/stockiest/suppliers of Mechanical and Electrical engineering products. The areas serviced are oilfields, various industries – mainly the construction sectors, and other utility companies. EMEESCO is a registered supplier to ADNOC along with  major oil companies, ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authorities) and many other government purchasing departments in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

    The highlight of EMEESCO is the location viz. ICAD 1, behind Dalma Mall, opposite LULU Logistics, Mussafah, an  self-owned showroom and a well-stocked warehouse. This enables EMEESCO to provide timely services to their customers.



    Henkel Loctite is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Loctite  supplies  to many different manufacturing and maintenance industry  with advanced products and systems solutions

    BISON name is synonymous with  Construction adhesives. The brand recognition is almost 100%. It has been the market leader for 5  decades in the adhesive and sealant sectors with highest market penetration in the UAE

    GOJO is the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. It’s broad portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas

    WD-40 produces multi-use products that protect metals from rust and corrosion, aid penetration in stuck parts, displace moisture and lubricates almost anything. It even removes grease, grime and more from most surfaces

    CROSBY is the world’s leading manufacturer for rigging, lifting, and material handling applications, Crosby delivers a diverse portfolio of products engineered to exceed the toughest demands of any industry, including land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining and transportation

    ABCO (American Block Manufacturing Company) is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of oilfield and marine equipment including Drilling block, Rotary tables, Swivels, Mud pumps and  high pressure unions



    KABELWERK EUPEN AG (Belgium)‘s Eupen Cables are renowned in the world over for their range of quality cables that are designed to meet all wiring requirements. PVC flexible & rubber, instrumentation & control, telecom/fiber optic and airport lighting are essentially with us

    Barton (UK) is recognized as the market leader in GI cable protection and produces a comprehensive range of rigid steel conduits & accessories

    Kopex (UK) is a solution that allows the user to single-source all the electrical flexible conduit needs with a choice of metallic and non-metallic conduits as well as complementary connectors

    ABB (American Block Manufacturing Company, USA) is the market leader in switching technology highlighting the safeline range of enclosed switches

    CATU (France) has been manufacturing equipment for personal protection against electrical hazards since 1936

    MAX (Japan) is a leader in the electronic lettering machine, high speed marking systems and tubes & labels

    Silver Fox (UK) deals in professional labeling solutions, cable marking, pipe identifications and adhesive tapes

    3M‘s electrical products division is the leader in providing practical and comprehensive solutions for the electrical industry viz. cable ties, scotchcast resin joints & terminators, insulation tapes, heat shrink sleeves and cable track finders

    Walsall (UK) produces electrical equipment for hazardous environments

    ERICO (USA/Europe)  has a diversified product range, and has developed well known products like cadweld molds & powder, earthing rods, plates, grounding accessories, grounding enhancing material, lightning and protection

    Band-It  is the world leader in the manufacture of high quality stainless steel bands, cable ties, buckles and clamping systems, with an estimated 50% market share in the United States alone.

    (El-press, Sweden) captures the market in pre-insulated terminals

    Partex (Sweden) is renowned in large parts of the world as a total supplier of cable marking systems in different materials, such as plastic, foil and stainless steel

    Metstrut (UK) manufactures support channels and accessories



    P.O.Box 3546
    Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

    Showroom & Warehouse – Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

    Tel +971 2 5544642
    Fax +971 2 5544643


    Mechanical Division                                                                                              

    Mr. Mathews Ninan
    Sales Manager
    Tel. +971 50 1858484        


  • Arabian Gulf Agencies

    Arabian Gulf Agencies (AGA) is a trusted name in the field of Supermarket and Refrigeration equipment supplies not only in the U.A.E. but also in the entire Gulf region. AGA’s product range includes Freezers, Chillers, Cold storage equipment, Shelving for supermarket & departmental stores and Trolleys/ Shopping carts.

    AGA has undertaken many prestigious assignments across the UAE with the able support from its principals, and its 40+ years of presence in the Gulf market is a standing testimony to its quality and dependability.

    Prominent brands such as Arneg, Intrac, IARP and Caddie are all world-class manufacturers of supermarket equipment and related supplies/products. They have been associated with AGA for more than four decades. In a nutshell, sophisticated products combined with professional approach and customized services has made AGA a front-runner in providing ‘complete supermarket solutions’ across the Gulf region.


    AGA’s hallmark has been its ability to undertake a project right from conceptualization to completion. AGA executes all the necessary activities that are vital to the designing and development of a supermarket, and every aspect of the project is examined in-depth and the best possible solutions are offered to the clients.

    To aid in the layout and designing of the supermarkets, AGA uses Computer Aided Design (AutoCAD) software. This helps the company to plan the layouts and execute them in a precise manner. AGA’s design premise is always aligned to the objective of providing easy accessibility to various products in the supermarket for customers.

    AGA adopts the most advanced techniques to install and commission supermarket equipment, and in its thirty years of its existence, it has gained an enviable reputation for quality and dependability. Post-installation, AGA offers regular maintenance of equipment which is of prime importance. Should there be any need for technical assistance, in the event of a breakdown or otherwise, AGA’s qualified service technicians will be on the job within a short time of the customer’s call.

    AGA’s expertise and commitment go a long way in meeting the ever-increasing levels of customer expectations. Having experienced technical staff who understand the nuances and nitty-gritty of the trade in addition to having its own fleet of delivery-cum-service vans enables AGA to provide timely and tailor-made service to their customers.


    The corporate philosophy of AGA has always been ‘Be prepared!’ Anticipating emergency needs and orders on short notice, AGA has a well-stocked warehouse of both equipment and spare parts.

    Summary of products that AGA offers:

    – Freezers
    – Chillers
    – Cold Storage Units
    – Trolleys & Baskets
    – Checkouts
    – Salad bars
    – Shelving for Supermarket and Departmental Stores
    – Serve-over Pastry/Fish/Meat Counters


    Head Office
    Airport Road,
    Dubai, U.A.E.

    Tel. +971 4 6085583, 2821923
    Fax. +971 4 2821922


    Mr. Mohammed Abdul Saleem                                                                              Mr. Rajesh Koppolu

    Division Manager                                                                                                          Sales Manager

    +971 50 3595116                                                                                                        +971 50 9507046

    Mr. Raju Varghese

    Assistant Service Manager

    +971 50 3595097


    Showroom – Airport Road                                                                                      Showroom – Abu Dhabi
    Tel. +971 4 6085555, 2821124                                                                           Tel. +971 2 5507547
    Fax. +971 4 2821922                                                                                                 Fax. +971 2 5833781


  • Integrated Ideal Solutions

    Integrated Ideal Solutions (IIS), is a member of prestigious Al Hathboor group which stands tall today as one of the leading business conglomerates in the gulf over the past 50 years.

    IIS was founded in 2004, with the group’s intention to provide total turnkey solutions to its clientele to offer innovative & integrated technology solutions.

    IIS offers lifestyle options that help turn homes and offices into ‘modern intelligent facilities’. The company specializes in Home Automation, Building management system, Lighting Control system, GRMS, Networking systems, ICT, Other ELV and Security Systems for residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial & health care sectors.

    With an emphasis on the exquisite Arteor range of Electrical products from Legrand, IIS’s showroom on Dubai Airport Road hosts an elaborate range of products and automation combination that meet your requirements.

    Be it a palace, star-rated hotel or an exclusive villa, these products are bound to exceed your expectations. With an eye for detail, our committed team of experts strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in schedule, quality and service from design and implementation to after sales support.


    Commercial Sector

    The commercial sector ranges from providing Hospitality solutions, Residential Building Solutions, Commercial building solutions to the Healthcare solutions that make these an innovative answer to the increasingly complex demands of modern buildings

    I.V Panel Boards

    We deal in LV power distribution & control products, universal enclosures and a complete range of low voltage power distribution & Control products featuring ACBs, MCCBs, MCBs, ELCBs, Isolators, Contactors, Timers, Alpes Capacitors and many more

    Residential Sector

    Smart home solutions, wiring accessories, LED lighting, intercom, CCTV – indoor & outdoor, background music, Wi-Fi ondoor & outdoor, data & telephone systems as well as access controls enable you to truly enjoy your personal paradise


         Pre-Sales & Sales

    Your very first experience with IIS is aimed at being the inception of a long-lasting relationship. Our pre-sales Support department interacts with our customers and reseller partners in bringing you value-added functions. Our trained sales team is on hand and ready to offer you presales and post implementation training and support from end to end consultations & technical support to business and design solutions.

    Estimation & Design

    IIS provides a comprehensive range of electrical and data estimation and quotation services. From measurement and pricing of plans to Bills of quantities and schedules, you can benefit from the knowledge of our estimation team for any aspect of the plan from concept to completion. Our team specializes in tenders, budgets, quotations submitted in a timely and professional manner. Our professionals pay regard to market realities in providing value added solutions and have an eye for detail along with a concern for environmental protection.

    Project Management

    IIS offers turnkey project management solutions to cater to every customer need. You can rely on our technical expertise complemented by our experience to bring you trusted and proven project management solutions. Our Project Managers are trained to implement procedures and protocols to achieve specific desired objectives right through the planning stage progressively towards completion.

    After-sales Service

    The IIS after sales service team ensures that the commitment is extended beyond conventional sales by going the extra mile. Be it a repair of equipment or maintenance support or installation or post-installation assistance, you can count on our team for a smooth and satisfactory experience during the warranty period and assistance that goes well beyond

    Please visit out website for detailed information on our products and services.



    Head Office

    Integrated Ideal Solutions
    P.O. Box 2246 | Al Hathboor Group Head Office Building
    Dubai Airport Road | Deira, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. +971 4 282 1124 | Fax. +971 4 282 1922

    Mr. Feroz Khan
    Deputy General Manager
    Tel. +971 4 2865882 | 2820200

    Mr. Faizal Cadiri
    Tel. +971 56 5044740

    Home Automation
    Mr. Fidas Khalid
    Tel. +971 55 7665775

    ELV Systems
    Mr. Murugan PM
    Tel. +971 55 7983191

    Lighting Control System & GRMS
    Mr. Raja Vasudevan
    Tel. +971 56 5459960


  • Al Hathboor Real Estate

    Al Hathboor Real Estate is engaged in the development and leasing of properties across the UAE. It marks its significant presence mainly in Dubai. These include Hotels, Residential apartments, Villas, Office blocks and Warehouses.

    Being one of the foremost divisions of The Al Hathboor Group, it has established itself as a prominent participant as part of the booming construction industry in the Gulf. The company prides itself with several key construction projects across the UAE.

    Al Hathboor Real Estate is a full service one-stop-shop real estate center offering unparalleled professionalism, international real estate know-how and local market expertise. As a member of the largest real estate sales network organization in the UAE, Al Hathboor Real Estate brings together industry resources, technology and the experience of well-trained professionals through a nationwide network.

    Explore how by working with Al Hathboor Real Estate today, you can benefit from the personal assistance of a world class, trustworthy and knowledgeable real estate resource right here in Dubai.





    Al Hathboor Real Estate

    Branch of Al Hathboor Group L.L.C.                                                                           Mr. Saif M A Murad
    P.O. Box 358, Airport Road                                                                                           Real Estate Incharge
    Dubai, UAE                                                                                                                              Tel. +971 50 7444023                                                    Tel. +971 4 2828289                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fax. +971 4 2828666                                                                                                                                                       


  • Professional Laundry Equipment Trading

    Professional Laundry Equipment Trading [PLET] formed in the year 2001 is one of the biggest and most trusty worthy business houses in UAE. Since its formation, PLET has become a reliable source for commercial & industrial laundry equipment, after-sales services, spare parts, accessories and chemicals. PLET is a preferred partner for customers across GCC for dry-cleaning shops – multi tone commercial laundry and fully automated central laundry requirements.

    The expertise and knowledge in laundry industry has earned PLET the name of ‘Total Laundry Solution Provider’. We extend comprehensive solution to our clients from Concept – Design – Supply – Commissioning – Training – Maintenance with strong focus on reducing cost and maximizing profitability. We have created impeccable track record of executing many prestigious laundry projects across this region for reputable clients ranging from investment houses, hospitality, healthcare, governmental institutions, construction, export houses and marine among others.

    PLET exclusively offers a complete line of laundry equipment from reputed international manufactures which includes tunnel washing system – washer extractors – dryers – dry cleaning machines – ironers – pressing machines – boilers – marking systems – packing solution – garment retrieval conveyors and many more. It is also largest stockiest for commercial laundry equipment in this region which aids meeting every urgent requirement of the customers.

    PLET Profile ranges across laundry equipment sales & service, pre-sales consultation & laundry design service, project consultancy & management, business advisory service for laundry industry, efficiency audits for laundry facilities, sales of spare parts, accessories, consumables & chemicals to on-call maintenance Services & AMC



    IPSO (Belgium) – Alliance Laundry Systems is one of the largest producers of commercial grade laundry equipment in the world for over 40 years with a winning reputation for reliability – quality & efficiency. IPSO smart options product range includes Soft Mount Washer Extractors, Hard Mount Washer Extractors, Barrier Washer Extractors, Tumbler Dryers, Industrial Ironers, Semi-Commercial washers & dryers

    JENSEN GROUP (Denmark) is the renowned manufacturer of Industrial laundry equipment worldwide with excellent expertise in Plan – Develop – Manufacture – Install – Service from a single machine to turnkey laundry solutions for clients that range from Textile rental suppliers, Industrial laundries, Hospitals to Hotels

    UNICA (Belgium) created in 1932, specializes in the construction and assembling of medium & large capacities industrial heavy duty Washers-Extractors. UNICA has developed high performance and long-lasting machines thus propose loading capacity from 45 – 60 – 75 – 100 – 120 – 150 – 200 – 300 KG in different models and executions

    REALSTAR (Italy) was established more than 30 years ago and are the leading manufacturers of dry-cleaning equipment that are capable of using Perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon solvents

    GMP (Italy) is the leading European manufacturer of flatwork ironers in the segment of OPL and small – medium industrial laundry. Founded in 1946, GMP has 5 international patents applied to technical solutions, which have been entirely developed in-house and manufacturers Rotary Ironers, Dryers Ironers & Chest Heated Ironers with heating options like Electricity, Steam & Gas

    FORENTA (USA) manufactures and markets a wide range of laundry press to meet the needs of the dry cleaning and laundry industries. Forenta Dry cleaning & laundry Presses, Shirt Finishing Units , Steam-air finishing machines, Conveyors & Miscellaneous other products provide cost effective solutions to the needs of dry cleaners and laundries throughout the world

    ROTONDI GROUP (Italy) is a 50-year old company which produces top quality finishing equipment for laundry industry. With a production range of over 800 different pressing machines from the vacuum table to the air-operated press and totally automatic carousel

    COCCHI srl (Italy) is a reputed finishing equipment manufacturer  and its products are high quality, simple in design, rugged, reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Cocchi`s finishing equipment are available as steam, electric-heated and self- contained units

    JFC (UK) was set up in 1987 to supply specialized plastic products. Today, JFC is an international business renowned for manufacturing innovative high-quality plastic material handling trolleys which is suitable to be used in Laundries, Hotels, Healthcare and more



    9                                                                                                10



    – After Sales Service
    – Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)
    – On-call Maintenance Services
    – Sales of Spare Parts for all major laundry equipment brands
    – Sales of laundry Accessories , Consumables & Chemicals
    – Laundry Equipment Refurbishment
    – Facility Shifting & Re-installation services
    – Trouble Shooting Hotline
    – Laundry Staff Training
    – Laundry Services




    Professional Laundry Equipment Trading (PLET) – Al Hathboor Group LLC
    Airport Road, P.O.Box 2246, Dubai, UAE
    Tel. #00971 4 6085555 | Mob. #00971 4 2821922

    Mr. Bitto Varghese

    Division Manager
    Tel.# 00971 4 6085572 | Mob.# 00971 50 4503667

    Equipment Sales

    Tel.# 00971 4 6085578 | Mob.# 00971 50 2411306 / 9558803 / 2411304 / 8438106

    After Sales Services – Spare Parts & Accessories

    Tel. # 00971 4 6085573 / 570 | Mob.# 00971 50 5530091 / 4553682

    Qatar Office

    Al Hathboor Enterprises WLL
    D-Ring Road – Near Lulu Hypermarket, P.O. Box. 38425,
    Doha – Qatar
    Tel.# 00974 44 655946 | Fax.# +974 44 659324 | Mob.# 00974 30188437

    Laundry Service Outlets

    Martinizing – Abu Hail
    Opp. Canadian Specialist Hospital, Abu Hail
    Tel.# 00971 4 2662455


  • Al Hathboor Foods

    Established in 1975, Al Hathboor Foods (AHF) – a division of Al Hathboor Group – is a well-recognized name in the Gulf food industry, be it be Retail, Wholesale or Institutional sales. AHF’s main supplies include Fresh & quality frozen products, Canned products, Pastry and Bakery ingredients. With more than 40 years of presence in the Gulf region, AHF has the right kind of market expertise in meeting customer specifications and stringent international standards with respect to Food safety, Quality control and Environmental awareness.

    The warehouse is fully equipped with temperature control systems and own fleet of delivery vehicles ensure quality of products & high service levels. AHF’s endeavor to distribute a wide variety of products from around the world to specific end users such as Dairies, Bakeries, Cereals and Food service & Hospitality industry has resulted in a host of global business associations.



    We at Al Hathboor have a wide arrange of products to offer. Our focus point is on bakery and pastry items for HORECA, Dry grocery, Wholesale and Retail. We are a strong player in the Canned foods, Frozen foods, Juice, Water and Chocolates segments. For a full list of products please download our product list by clicking the button below.






    Orley Foods (South Africa) is a specialist in ingredient solutions

    Barbara Luijckx (Poland) is a manufacturing company, established in 1991, specialized in the production of decorations from Belgian chocolate and in innovative chocolate designs

    Tulip Chocolate (Indonesia) produces high quality chocolate from the source itself. It has a large innovation department to guarantee that they are aware of and involved in all new trends in food production

    ITALCANDITI (Italy) expertise lies in glazed fruits, dried fruits and fillings. Over the course of the years, the enterprise has expanded and continued to diversify its range to where it is now capable of catering to food and dairy industries with a complete range of products

    Y-cook (India) has a unique feature and innovative way of storing vegetables for up to 12 months without cooling. In their processed foods, they process vegetables in vacuum – retort process for extended life of 12 months and has no preservatives nor needs refrigeration.

    Werner’s (Germany) provides high quality decorations for pastry

    Artipas (Spain) are a company that since 1998 manufactures and distributes products used by cake decorators, both amateur and professional

    Nord Water (Finland) was born out of the expertise of over 100 years of service to the people of Southern Finland. Nord Water has been able to double its output to become the fastest growing exporter of Finnish water to the world

    Tomex (Holland) carry a wide assortment of frozen vegetables and frozen potato products primarily from Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary & China and Belgium & the Netherlands respectively



    Al Hathboor Foods

    P.O.Box 5754, Dubai U.A.E.

    Al Hathboor Foods Office
    Al Aweer,
    Ras Al Khor Industrial area 1,
    Street 15

    Tel. +971 4 3334111
    Fax. +971 4 33337082

    Al Hathboor Group Head Office
    Airport road
    Al Garhoud
    Tel. +971 4 6085555
    Fax. +971 4 2821922


  • Martinizing

    Established in 1984, Martinizing is one of the well known names in the U.A.E. for providing excellent laundry and dry cleaning services to both institutional as well as retail customers. Having exclusive outlets and counters at strategic locations across Dubai and its own fleet of delivery vans enables Martinizing to provide round-the-clock service at nominal rates.

    Martinizing’s clientele include several leading 3-star, 4-star & 5-star hotels across the U.A.E. and a host of high-profile institutions/individuals.

    Martinizing cuts through the clutter and carves a niche for itself by using environment-friendly, bio-degradable and enzyme-based full range of detergents from ECOLAB (U.S.A.) and perchloroethylene solvent, thereby ensuring retention of original fabric colour besides delaying garment shrinking despite repeated washes.

    Additionally, Martinizing ensures that the highest industry standards are adhered to through strict monitoring of detergents/solvents used during the washing cycle and by employing improved garment cleaning procedures based on polarization techniques.

    The specialty of Martinizing lies in its guaranteed special treatment processes for wedding gowns, embroidered garments, sequence garments, and natural fibers such as wool, silk, cotton and linen.

    By engaging skilled workmen at every stage, Martinizing ensures safe handling of the most delicate of fabrics.

    Martinizing hosts an impressive industrial range of equipment & cleaning products in its Dubai facility located at DIP-2.  We have equipment from Jensen constituting highly automated tunnel washer systems with hydraulic press, cake breaker and continuous batch dryer. To match the aforementioned equipment, we have high pressure flatwork ironers integrated with three station automatic feeders capable of reaching a high production capacity of 30 tonnes inclusive of backup.



    – CBW from JENSEN                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Washroom equipment from IPSO, Unica and D’ Hooge (Belgium)
    – Flatwork ironers from D’Hooge (Belgium) with 3 station Feeder
    – Dry-cleaning machines from Realstar (Italy)
    – Dryers from Cissell (U.S.A.) and ECOLAB (U.S.A)
    – Full detergent range from Sealed Air Diversey which is automatically dosed to the above mentioned equipment
    – Perchloroethylene dry cleaning solvents from Ineos Chlor Ltd. (ICL, UK)

    Martinizing supplements its sophisticated equipment and processes through customer-friendly schemes aimed at providing the best of services. The DIP-2 Facility in Dubai functions nearly 22-hours-a-day and ensures a turn-around time of less than 24-hours in most of the jobs. It also offers ‘5-hours Express Service’ at a premium across all its outlets and counters located within Dubai.



    Postal Address

    P.O.Box.2246, Dubai, U.A.E.
    Tel. +971 4 6085555
    Fax: +971 4 2821922


    Mr. Venugopal Chellappan
    Division Manager
    Tel. +971 4 8803138 | Mob. +971 50 4559600


    Plant Operation
    Tel. +971 4 8803126 | Mob. +971 50 6556450

    Plant Office
    Tel. +971 4 8803128 | Fax. +971 4 8803129


    Counters in Dubai

    Al Massa, City Centre                                                                                                 Choithram Supermarket – Um Sequim
    Tel. +971 4 2950764                                                                                                   Tel. +971 4 3484793

    Al Yasmeen Complex
    Tel. +971 4 2626810

    Safa Park                                                                                                                            DIP – Plant
    Tel. +971 4 3943852                                                                                                  Tel. +971 4 8803126

  • Power Centre Gulf LLC

    Power Centre Gulf LLC (formerly Al Hathboor Switchgears) was established in 2007 to supply high quality products for construction, commercial and industrial sectors in the UAE. The switchgear facility is located in Ras Al Khaimah where we manufacture a wide range of LV switchgear products. The facility is equipped with highly sophisticated machines and computer aided design for manufacturing and testing.

    As an authorized panel builder for industry leaders like Legrand & Schneider we provide complete technical documentation, instruction manuals and training
    required for proper installation of products. Understanding our customers needs and expectations, we provide outstanding services which results in permanent cooperation with our customers in satisfying their increasing needs.


    – Main Distribution Boards & Sub Main Distribution Boards

    – Motor Control Centres

    – Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

    – Synchronizing Panels

    – Source Changeover System Panels

    – Final Distribution Boards

    – Feeder Pillars

    – Starter Panels

    – Lighting Control Panels 


    Head Office 
    P.O. Box 2246
    Dubai, UAE

    Tel. +971 4 6085555 | Fax. +971 4 2821922

    Mr. Osman Koleilat

    Division Manager – SWG
    Mob. +971 50 2455048

    OPERATIONS – Ras Al Khaimah
    P.O. Box 33411
    Tel. +971 7 2352047 | Fax. +971 7 2352047



  • Al Hathboor Investments

    Al Hathboor Investments is a division created to spot and identify new business opportunities to the group’s management. It also acts as an investment advisory arm analyzing possibilities of Mergers, Acquisitions, JV’s and the like.

    Al Hathboor Investments aims to diversify the group’s activities to several new areas such as developing its own infrastructure facilities in order to support the core activities of various group companies.

    It also plans to mobilize available internal funds and covert them to lucrative investment opportunities.



    Postal Address

    P. O. Box 2246, Airport Road,

    Dubai – U.A.E.

    Tel. +971 4 2865882

    Fax. +971 4 2865889


  • Al Hathboor Enterprises WLL, Qatar

    Expanding its vision, the Al Hathboor Group has set-up the Al Hathboor Enterprises WLL to cater the needs of it’s esteemed customers in it’s Doha branch.

    It was established in 2010 to represent the different divisions and their products in Qatar. Presently it is active in supplying Electrical Equipment and Professional Laundry Equipment services.


    P O Box 38425
    Doha, Qatar
    Tel. +974 4 4655946
    Fax. +974 4 4659324

    ELECTRICAL DIVISION                                                                                        PLET DIVISION

                                                                                               Mr. Sunil George

                                                                                     Assistant Sales Manager

                                                                                           Mob. +974 30 188437

  • NOVOTEC Enterprises, Qatar

  • Al Hathboor Associates


    AL JADEED BAKERY is one of the leading bakery Industries in the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Dubai. It has 30 outlets in leading supermarkets across the U.A.E. and has a production facility in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah to cater the market with freshness of products. It’s wide distribution network spreads all across UAE along with the trading business by distribution of bakery ingredients to other bakery companies in UAE. It has an outreach spread all over the emirates and is equipped with a fleet of 120 vehicles.

    From Arabic snacks to Asian sweets to European breads, our Products features a wide range of baked products, frozen foods and food ingredients. Whether it is for a special occasion or for everyday indulgence of your healthy food, AL JADEED BAKERY is sure to surprise you with quality choices. We bring you the highest quality, healthiest breads in the world prepared by our craftsmen from world’s finest, healthiest, purest and freshest natural ingredients imported from Europe, Canada and Australia.

    For more information

    click here



    Incepted in 1979 as a single nuts processing plant, BEST FOODS has grown to become the leading name in the U.A.E. for premium quality nuts and chocolate coated dry-fruits. It is a popular retail brand that retails in most major supermarkets across the U.A.E. With a product line that extends to a variety of finest nuts and chocolates, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that spread over 128,600 square feet and manpower resources comprising of over 600 skilled employees. Bestfood caters to different consumer tastes and preferences through its two manufacturing divisions; Nuts and Chocolate, and eight sales divisions; FMCG Emirates, HoReCa, Target Markets, GCC, MENA, International, Saudi Arabia and Retail (Roastery).

    Bestfood’s relentless pursuit of perfection is best reflected in the recognitions it won and the acceptance it gained across the world. While its stringent quality control measures have earned Bestfood prestigious quality certifications like ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP, its secret recipes are increasingly being sought-after by more and more countries across the world.

    For more information

    click here



    Al Hathboor Group
    P.O. Box 2246
    Dubai, U.A.E.

    Tel. +971 4 6085555

    Fax. +971 4 282 1922


  • Al Hathboor Group, Oman

    The branch operating in Oman handles the services of the group for the Oman region.

  • Core Products & Services, KSA

    Core Products and Services [CPS] is a joint venture entity between Al-Faddaghi Group [KSA] and Al Hathboor Group [UAE]. Getting benefits of the sound profiles, resources and accumulative experience for both partners will help us to gain our clients confidence and to take the right position in the market. We in CPS are aiming to be a market leader by offering innovative solutions, supplying reliable brands, and increasing business sufficiency. Being a satisfied client means you are happy with our services, this is the benchmark of success we aspire to reach.

    Supermarkets Supplies Division [SSD]
    Laundry Supplies Division [LSD]
    Electrical Supplies Division [ESD]
    Office Supply Division [OSD]


    Core Products & Services LTD
    P.O. Box 26162, Riyadh 11486, Saudi Arabia

    Meshal A. Al Faddaghi
    Managing Director
    Core Products & Services LTD
    P.O. Box 26162, Riyadh 11486,Saudi Arabia
    Tel. +966 92000 9854
    Fax. +966 11 292 0088
    Mobile +966 505 222 424

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