Al Hathboor International Tête-À-Tête with the Principal – COLART


Mr. Len Archer – International Sales Manager, Colart and Mr. Jake Kersy – International Sales Manager, Colart at our Zabeel Art Showroom, Karama  Mr. Naresh Bhatia & the Team on September 14, 2015…

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armor all_15
Al Hathboor International Tête-À-Tête with the Principal – ARMOR ALL


Mr. Waldemar Paszkiewicz – Marketing Manager for Middle East & Europe, Armor All visited our AHI sales office after takeover from Mr. Robert Coleman for the first time. Mr. Robert Pearce – MD & Partner, GDT and Mr. Naresh Bhatia welcomed him along with our marketing team.

Mr. Bhatia then gave a Market Presentation of Armor All distribution and various aspects were discussed concerning the development of Armor All in UAE. As Armor All is available in more than 2000 outlet in UAE, Mr.…

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Nat back to school poster
Al Hathboor International (AHI) – NATARAJ (SIVO) commence the ‘Back-to-School’ promotional campaign

NATARAJ and SIVO media campaigns commenced during the ‘Back-to-School’ season post vacations in August 2015. The campaigning used a variety of media platforms.

They created exciting Radio jingles, printed their advertisements in the Gulf news, distributed promotional leaflets and provided bundle offers as well. The campaign was concluded as an enormous success.


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