The Al Hathboor Group

We have grown from strength to strength under the leadership of the current Chairman, Mr. Abdulla Saif Al Hathboor and stand tall as one of the foremost business houses in the Gulf.

Over 60 years of diversified business growth across Trading, Manufacturing and Service Sectors in the Middle East.

In 1954, Mr. Saif Obaid Al Hathboor ventured into the exclusive Textile business, exploring new avenues and tapping vista of opportunities which resulted in the Group's enormous success.

Progressing in tandem with the nation, Al Hathboor’s first business expansion was in the arena of Air conditioning and Refrigeration industry. The onset of ‘70s witnessed the addition of different Trading Division followed swiftly by the launch of one of the First Supermarkets in the UAE.

Through the years, our Founder, Mr. Saif Obaid Al Hathboor’s fervent business acumen complemented by his skillful selection of products has proved vital in rapid expansion of the company. As the Group expanded its scope, its intensity for meeting the industrial and commercial requirements in the UAE and Gulf contributed significantly to the Group's increased momentum.

Subsequently, a swift-expanding business called for a streamlined approach to the activities of various divisions to function within the Group which culminated in the formation of “Al Hathboor Group” in 1982. Moreover, under the leadership of our current Chairman, Mr. Abdulla Saif Obaid Al Hathboor, the group has grown from strength to strength becoming one of the recognized business houses in the Gulf region today.

To offer our clients, leading global brands, world-class professional know-how and cutting edge expertise backed by years of experience.

Our Vision

Al Hathboor offers its clients a world-class portfolio of global brands, expert professional consulting and cutting-edge solutions backed by years of experience. Our vision is to be recognized as the market leader in our diverse areas of activities by adopting and implementing better business practices such as:

– Creating value for customers
– Providing development opportunities to employees at all levels
– Instilling investor confidence by consistently providing & maintaining high performance standards

We lead by example and aim to offer the highest standards of customer service by following the best business practices across all our operations

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to contribute effectively to the overall development of the UAE by utilizing our skills and resources & Embracing opportunities as & when they arise.



Six decades of pioneering business experience across the region, a large clientele of highly satisfied corporate clients and an impressive portfolio of prestigious projects.


In addition to marketing, distribution, and re-exporting of internationally-acclaimed brands, Al Hathboor Group is one of its kinds to offer the broad spectrum of products under one roof. This assures the Group`s position as one of the front runner in the entire region.

Sustainable Growth

Having multinational employees spread across different businesses, who are supported by an innovative & visionary management that has enabled the Group to achieve impressive and sustained growth for over four decades.

We aim to offer the highest standards of customer service and follow the best business practices across all our operations.


Al Hathboor Group has grown with the United Arab Emirates. What started out as a small supplier of products/services to oil field and ship stores in 1969, is today one of the region’s most recognized business group with interests in General Trading, Auto care, Real estate, Beauty, Food and Technology sectors.

Just as the name of the UAE has become synonymous with trade and enterprise all over the world, the name of Al Hathboor Group has also become synonymous with dynamic growth, evidenced by its commitment to develop and grow businesses in multiple sectors.

Al Hathboor Group portfolio includes brands like WD 40, SKF, BISON, SHELL, LEGRAND, ABB, BARTON, KOPEX & HONEYWELL to name a few among other major brands.

The Group’s real estate division is engaged in the development and leasing of properties across the UAE. These include Hotels, Residential apartments, Villas, Office blocks and Warehouses. It has established itself as a prominent participant as part of the booming construction industry throughout the Gulf.

Al Hathboor distinguishes itself from the rest by understanding its customers' needs and providing them with creative & end-to-end solutions, AI Hathboor adds immense value to its partners.

CSR Activities

Al Hathboor Group has contributed towards the community welfare and has actively participated in approved development programs that include anti-smoking and breast cancer awareness campaigns.

We trust that a culmination of small and worthwhile acts can be as significant as large ones & that our initiatives are a force for good, positive change in people's lives.

At Al Hathboor Group; we believe that every business has a responsibility towards the development, preservation, and sustainability of the world we live in, that is why we support causes and initiatives that accomplish this belief.

We maintain a responsible business behavior by ensuring that our sustainability pillars -
People, Partners & Planet
are embedded into the core of our business.

Key Leadership

Abdulla Saif Al Hathboor


Jamal Saif Al Hathboor

Vice Chairman

Majid Saif Al Hathboor


Hathboor Saif Al Hathboor


Youssef Saidi